Life Changing

What do you think about when you lace up your running shoes? The weather? The route you’re running? Perhaps you’re thinking about the giant blister on your foot from the last time you ran.

Ever since becoming a part of Team Every Mother Counts, I feel so much more focused when I head out of the door. I have trained for a marathon before…twice. But, now I’m part of a team. A team that is running in solidarity to better maternal health around the world. Even though I’m in Northern Minnesota and training on my own, I know that the 26.2 miles I will cover in New York City in November are not just about me. It is not just about me wanting to run a personal best, it is about working to end the preventable deaths that occur every single day in pregnancy and childbirth.

There are days when my mind and body are telling me “No, don’t run today. Sit on the couch instead.” But in the grand scheme of things, my little 8 miler is nothing. Many women around the world have to walk that far, while pregnant…perhaps even in labor…just to access care.

Now, when I lace up my running shoes, I see each run as an opportunity to make a small footprint and change the world. I don’t worry about the weather. I don’t worry about the route. I just run.

And I know, however many more marathons, half marathons, trail races…whatever race it may be…being a part of Team Every Mother Counts has changed the way I look at each run.

I am grateful.

I am grateful for the steps I get to take. I am grateful that I had both of my daughters’ births attended by skilled birthing professionals. I am grateful for the opportunity to make a difference. I am grateful to share the message of the work Every Mother Counts is doing.


Please consider donating to support Every Mother Counts. 100% of funds raised go directly to the Every Mother Counts programs around the globe.


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