Through the Woods

Growing up in Northern Minnesota, I have always been at home in the woods and near lakes. My parents instilled a love for the wilderness in me from the start. I am constantly reminded of this when I take to the trails here in Duluth to log training miles. I get antsy just thinking about an afternoon trail run, my legs and lungs start desiring the bigger climbs and the complexities of the single track trails.

I leave a trail run feeling stronger, tired and most of all at complete peace. Time in the woods either alone or with my friends is good for my soul.

It always reminds me of the poem my dad wrote in college that still hangs on the wall of both our home and my grandfather’s.

My head seems clearer.

My body more alive.

All for a walk in the woods.


I am trying to hit the trails at least once a week in this training cycle for the New York City Marathon. I feel healthier on the trails, be it the softer ground or the workout all of the stabilizer muscles are getting to stay upright while hopping over tree roots and rocks.

This week’s workouts include 6 miles (trail), 7 mile tempo run, 2 easy 3 milers and my first long-ish run of the training cycle…15 miles. Here we go!



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