One of the hardest things for me to do as a runner is probably one of the most basic “rules” of fitness.

Listen to your body.

When I set out to do my 15 miler yesterday, the temp was hanging right around 80 degrees. There were zero clouds in the sky. I mean zilch. The sun was beating down on the pavement {and me} threatening to add to my lovely Garmin tan line and pull every drop of hydration from me before I could drink more. For some reason, I decided to start my run in the afternoon…and when I run in the afternoon, I think it is a given that I haven’t drank enough water during the day. {Note to self: work on this.}

But despite all of that, in my mind I was ready to rock 15 hilly miles. The plan was to run north for 4.5 miles, hydrate + take a Gu and then run back towards our house where I had ice water and electrolyte tabs waiting for me. I’d then do my favorite 6 mile loop from our house and call it a day.

At mile 4.5, my legs were cramping and my stomach decided to knot up. At mile 7, I ran down by the lake and splashed myself with the 55 degree water (Lake Superior is awesome for icing yourself down).

IMG_6871I finished the 9 miles, sick to my stomach and delicately running on my ever-so-cramped legs. I was faced with the decision of finishing the next 6 or calling it quits. For some reason, I listened to what my body was saying.

Stop now. Take care of me. Try again in a few days.

9 miles is better than zero miles. 1 rest day is better than taking a whole week off due to injury/illness. Ultimately, there are no “bad runs.” There are runs that teach you more about yourself, your body and your mental strength.

Watch out 15 miler, I’m coming for you….





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